9 Best G-Spot Vibrators

9 best G-spot vibrators

Ever tried a vibrator specifically designed for the G-spot? This pleasure point is found around 5-8cm up the front wall of the vagina and once stimulated can increase the intensity of a woman’s orgasm.

What is a G-spot vibrator?

There are a variety of G-spot-specific vibrators available, coming in a selection of different designs — but all aim to provide a better, more intense orgasm.

If you’re a beginner, go for a classic vaginal vibrator with a curved tip for easier G-spot stimulation. Ribbed designs allow for the raised ridges to pass over the G-spot, offering further stimulation.

If you’re feeling braver, try a fully insertable “egg”, which might sound intimidating but just means the tip of the vibrator is rounded and sits right on the G-spot.

What is the best vibrator?

G-spot stimulators aside, there’s a wide range of sex toys to explore. Our testers tried 95 vibrators across all the main categories, and we’ve rounded up the best ones for couples too. The main categories are:

Bullet vibrators: designed for external clitoral contact, these make a great choice for first-timers because they’re compact, silent and small.

Clitoral vibrators: these tend to be larger and more powerful than bullet vibrators with a longer-lasting battery life, and are shaped for direct clitoral stimulation.

Vaginal vibrators: designed for internal use, these are longer and often have a tapered tip for ease of use. They can also offer clitoral stimulation but most are not specifically designed for this purpose.

Combination vibrators: also sometimes known as rabbit vibrators, these have two key parts to provide a “blended” orgasm – a main shaft for internal use and a clitoral stimulator, often in the shape of “rabbit” ears.

Things to consider before you buy

Check you’re happy with the dimensions and the way the vibrator looks, some will end up being bigger or smaller than you thought. Also consider the range of settings and speeds available, and how loud it is – look for “whisper quiet” vibrators if you’re worried about being heard.

Some vibrators will be battery-powered; these are cheapest and most popular, while rechargeable sex toys avoid the additional cost of replacing batteries. Lastly, consider the material. Plastic is firm to the touch and a popular choice, but opt for silicone if you’re more concerned about comfort. Skin-safe rubber is soft and more flexible.

Avoid anything containing phthalates (chemicals used to increase flexibility) as these have links to health risks. Look for the “phthalate-free” certification on the box. None of the vibrators in any of our round-ups contain phthalates.

How we test

Our testing panel, consisting of hundreds of women aged 18 to 80, scored each vibrator on performance (including how intense of an orgasm it produced), how pleasurable they are to use and noise levels.

In the Good Housekeeping Institute lab, we assess each vibrator on ease of use, design and instructions.

Fifty Shades Freed Deep Inside Classic Wave Vibrator



The stand-out feature on this vibrator is its ribbed design or “rippling waves”, which 88% of our testers enjoyed. It ranked highly on pleasure too, with 86% achieving a more intense orgasm than normal. It’s not discreet but it will keep you satisfied.

Ricky's Ultimate Wand Massager Vibrator




This two-in-one vibrator has a massager for clitoral stimulation on one end and a G-spot stimulator with a tapered tip on the other, which can be used internally. It also features two separate motors, each with 10 unique vibration modes. The vibrator scored highly with our panel, as all said it helped them achieve a more intense orgasm and 90% orgasmed quicker than normal. All panellists said they would recommend this vibrator to others, too. The only downside is that you can’t use it in water.

Svakom Anya Rechargeable Warming Silicone Vibrator



Here, you can pick from 26 “whisper-quiet” settings, which is ideal for anyone who’s worried about being overheard. All our testers were fans of this vibrator, which has a swirly design to hit the G-spot and heats up to your body temperature, and it scored top marks for comfort and pleasure. Additionally, 78% of testers achieved a more intense orgasm and 66% said this was achieved quicker than normal. 

Je Joue Uma G-Spot Vibrator




Similar to the Ricky’s vibrator (above), this one also has a two-in-one design, incorporating both a clitoral and G-spot stimulator. Made from soft silicone, it has five speeds and six patterns for users to enjoy, with 89% of our testers saying it helped them achieve a stronger orgasm – and 78% got there quicker than usual. Additionally, 89% would recommend this vibrator to others. 

So Divine 'Wicked Game' Dual Motor Massaging Wand





Although testers loved the packaging and supplied storage bag, some were slightly taken aback by the size of this vibrator. Despite this, all found it comfortable to use and 57% would recommend this one to a friend. Coming with dual features, there’s both a massager and a G-spot stimulator. Testers found the vibrations powerful on both ends and said the controls were easy to use, making it quick to swap sides.

Womanizer Duo Vibrator





Don’t be put off by the slightly odd design of this vibrator. While it might look a tad intimidating, it’s all for a good reason; it’s been ergonomically designed to stimulate the G-spot and clitoris simultaneously, with 12 intensity levels. Our panel of testers said it looked discreet, adding that it was the right shape and size for them. As for performance, 78% found it pleasurable to use and the same percentage had a better and faster orgasm. A third said it wasn’t quiet enough.

Ann Summers Moregasm+ Petite G-Spot Vibrator





Sleek, slim and small, with an ergonomic shaft, this vibrator comes in a cute pastel shade and proved popular with testers – all said it was the right shape and size for them. Most found it easy to use and recharge, while 80% achieved a stronger orgasm from the six different modes.

We-Vibe Rave Rechargeable App Controlled G-Spot Vibrator



Ideal for using with a partner, this vibrator connects to an app with users able to control the settings or customise and save patterns. The majority of testers liked its design and found it easy to use, but only half said they orgasmed quicker. 

So Divine ‘Ooh La La’ Vibrator




If you’re after a pretty vibrator, try this one. The tip is shaped like a flower, which can be used both internally for G-spot stimulation and externally on the clitoris. Overall, our testers approved, although some found it too small. It’s fully waterproof though, and has 10 modes, including three speed settings and seven pulse patterns, which led to a more intense orgasm for most.

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