The 4 Best Unique Sex Toys for Lesbian Couples

The 4 Best Lesbian Sex Toys – Unique Sex Toys For Lesbian Couples

We all know the sex toy industry can be a bit heteronormative, so we’re going to give our lesbian readers some love this week with a buying guide to the best lesbian sex toys.

Each and every one of these best lesbian sex toys is Lesbian Approved™, so if you’re lesbian, bisexual, or bi-curious, keep reading. If you’re just a creeper, keep reading, anyway. We never turn down readership, man, so keep creepin’ away.

Lesbian Sex 101

Always been curious about how lesbian sex works? This is your lucky day. Here’s a handy little guide:

Step 1: Be a lesbian

Step 2: Have sex

And you’re done!

No, but seriously – obviously, sex will work a little differently for a same-sex couple. The conventional penis-in-vagina interaction is not going to work, because one of those components is being replaced – in this case, the dick. So now you’ve got two of something, but none of the other.

Thankfully, God gave us sex toys. And fingers! And mouths! So, we’re covered. One of the things to remember here is that just because there’s no penis-haver involved, that doesn’t mean there is no penetration, or that no one is wielding a cock.

You’ll see what I mean.

Best Lesbian Sex Toys by Type of Stimulation

Okay, now that we’ve got that out of the way, let’s move on to the most popular toys ladies who love other ladies enjoy. I’ve chosen the types of toys that most efficiently please two ladies, and I’m gonna present them in different categories, depending on what you’re looking to simulate.

Clits, G-spots, or both? Let’s see what we can come up with.

Clitoral Stimulation Sex Toys – Rub That Clit, Girl

A major part of lesbian sexual fun involves teasing, playing, touching, caressing, and other lovely strokes using fingers as a main tool. They’re severely underrated, as they can even help you make a girl squirt.

And while fingers are far from useless on their own, if there is anything I’ve learned while working in this business is that any sensation can be enhanced with the right toy, and why wouldn’t you? That’s why we have finger sleeves.

Nubby ones or vibrating ones (or both!), they can be used by anyone, but they especially come in handy (get it? Handy?) for lesbian couples who rely on fingers more than heterosexual ones do.

1. Finger Stimulators

If you’ve never used toys, or you don’t want anything fancy, vibrating, or overly powerful, you can start out simply enough, by just helping out your most basic tools – your fingers. You can use these gel sleeves with a nubby texture to enhance the sensation you offer yourself or your partner.

In fact, since this pack has 2 of them, you can either wear one on either hand and stimulate yourself and your partner at the same time, or you can each have one and rub it all over the other one’s clit. It may not be a complicated gadget, but it can still help produce fireworks.

The tech specs:

2. Adam & Eve G-Spot Touch Finger Vibe

Did you know finger vibes were a thing? Shamefully, neither did I! It works just like any other finger sleeve, in that it’s flexible, made of silicone, and adds that extra bit of length, girth and stimulation to your finger movements.

Of course, the little extra that makes this special is that it’s a vibrating sleeve, and especially designed to stimulate the G-spot. Equipped with a remote control and an ergonomic design, it’s now easier than ever to achieve that elusive G-spot orgasm.

The tech specs:

3. GLUVR Rechargeable Finger Vibrator

This one’s super interesting. It’s kind of like a sleeve – or a glove. It goes on two of your fingers, but unlike other sleeves, it doesn’t have that nubby texture. Well then, what does it do? I’ll tell you what it does; it vibrates.

That means that you can use your fingers to pinch, touch, rub, caress, and stimulate whatever part of the body you want, and offer a much more focused, precise stimulation than you would with a bullet vibe, for example. The added grip and control really makes the difference.

The tech specs:

4. Adam’s Extension Penis Enhancer

I’m going to suggest an uncommon use for this toy. See, this is technically a penis extender. It’s meant to add some length and girth to your tool for an enhanced experience. However, a lot of them have a small enough width (1.5 to 2 inches) that allows them to be used with fingers instead of dicks, as well.

This one’s made out of a stretchy material that accommodates different girths, regardless if you want to use it on two fingers, for example, on a dildo, or on a dick. The shape is nice and dick-like for that extra stimulation with the head, and it’s nubby to stimulate your clit!

The tech specs:

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