LELO’s New Enigma Vibrator

LELO’s New Enigma Vibrator Feels Like Two People Are Getting You Off

Let’s get straight to the point. If your masturbation routine is getting a little, well, routine, you might want to look into a new way of getting yourself off. Picking a new vibrator (or toy in general) is an intimate thing — there are so many choices, styles, and features. Do you need clitoral or G-spot stimulation (or both)? Do you like it buzzy or rumbly? Do you like to get there fast or take your time? And there are also so many new vibrators. This week, I tried LELO’s new Enigma vibrator, and let me just tell you: it’s a vibrator that will serve you well, and if you’re looking to switch things up (but keep the orgasms coming), you’ll be very happy with this decision. It’s also gorgeous and pretty discreet, so that’s also a bonus. PS. If the LELO Enigma is too pricey for your budget, we have a cheaper (and just as awesome option, just scroll to the bottom). You should also check out our reviews of The Womanizer and Satisyfer Pro. Both are incredible.

Anyway! I’m proud to introduce you to my new friend with its dual stimulation. I wanted to start from the beginning and explain my journey with the Enigma, but I am going to give you a spoiler right now: It’s a vibe that may give you the illusion you are being tended to by more than one person.

You get what I’m saying right? Hang on… we’ll circle back to that later.

When I got my new Enigma I was in awe of the packaging. It was tall, dark, and handsome; everything I look for in a battery operated boyfriend. Let’s face it — packaging does matter. It’s the reason we take the time to pick our specific gift wrapping or a gift bag. And we all love a gift subscription box when it arrives and the packaging is just as pleasing as what’s inside.

No one is going to want to buzz one off with a vibrator that comes in a scary looking, dented box that doesn’t showcase the beauty inside (or at least, I don’t — you do you). Not only that, it’s another reason why the Enigma is the perfect gift to give your newly divorced friend (she’s going to want one even if she doesn’t say it), or yourself. Or anyone. Every person with a vulva will appreciate the Enigma.


The other impressive feature I noticed about this gorgeous magic wand is how soft it is. It literally felt like velvet sliding through my hands. It’s made of ultra-soft silicone and is sculpted to fit your hand and body perfectly.

What Does the Enigma Feel Like?

Now, on to the good stuff. I don’t know if you’ve ever used two vibrators before, so you could achieve the kind of stimulation that really gets you off (I have and it wasn’t easy), but those days are over. A lot of women and people with vulvas climax through clitoral stimulation, but feel like their orgasms are intensified time a million when they are penetrated as well.

I’m just going to say it: many times when another person is going for the dual-stimulation, whether they are going down on you and penetrating you with their fingers or a toy, the rhythm isn’t always right. It’s hard to concentrate on two things at once and rub you the right way in one area, while probing you in another.

And yes, vibrating cock rings are fun when you are having sex, and I’ve had my share of orgasm that way. But the Enigma is next level.

Because I had complete control over the rhythm and positioning, and the fact this sex toy (that’s no less than perfection) feels like a rock, hard penis is going in and out of you, AND like you are receiving oral sex at the same time, I was taken to another land. Nay, another dimension. By two different people! Who have the rhythm thing down to a science! Life doesn’t get any better than what I experienced last night. (And this morning.) I’m sweating just thinking about the experience(s) I’ve had with my new pearl pleaser and I haven’t even had it for a week.

These sonic waves they speak of which stimulate your clitoris (without even touching it, if you prefer) are no joke. The arm is flexible, so feel free to play around with it until you get the positioning just so.

There are eight pleasure settings (I’m a 4 all the way) and it’s whisper quiet (which is necessary if you live with people, because you are going to whip this thing out a lot. I promise).

Of course, if you only want penetration or clitoral stimulation, the Enigma will serve you, but there’s no reason for that when you can have both.

As soon as I got this smooth operator into my hands, I could already tell I was going to enjoy the ride (which lasted exactly two minutes). It was probably the most intense orgasm I’ve ever had using a toy. I know most of that was because of the dual stimulation but honestly, the feeling of this sliding through my hands gave me woman wood before I could even get my lube out (which is highly recommended when you are using a toy).

Trust me when I tell you, if you want to ditch the two vibrator dance, want to close your eyes and fantasize about having sex and getting oral pleasure at the same time, or just want a really good freaking orgasm, the Enigma is the toy to invest in.

After you use it, you will demand dual-stimulation all the time — it was that mind-blowing.

If the price tag is what’s holding you back, we also recommend Tracy’s Dog, which is very similar (and less expensive!). It’s a 2-in-1 clitoral stimulator and Rabbit-style vibe with 10 vibration patterns, so that you get clitoral pleasure as well as hitting that G-spot just right.

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