Sohimi Suction Cup Dildo

When Sohimi asked me to review 3 different items for them I spent a bit of time looking through their site to see what they had which caught my eye. When I stumbled across the listing for the Sohimi Suction Cup Dildo and looked at some of the pictures and one of the gifs of liquid dripping off the tip it kicked in such an intense longing for dick that I knew this was going to be on my wish list.

I miss dick soooo much right now. The question is could the Sohimi Suction Cup Dildo help with that?

Meet the Sohimi Suction Cup Dildo

It is exactly what it looks like. A realistic silicone dick. It has a firm core and skin soft outer core with realistic vein detail and balls which sit atop a suction cup base.

Is it really silicone though Molly? I can hear you asking. Well the answer to that is I believe it is. The company assure me that it is and I tried setting fire to it and whilst is crackled and spit a bit it didn’t really burn and all that was left was a white ash residue which from what I have read indicates that it is silicone. It also doesn’t have any smell to it at all which also supports that it is made from silicone and so to the best of knowledge I believe that it is definitely is made from silicone.

First Impressions

Like the other toys that Sohimi sent me there is no fancy packaging at all. It came in a simple black box and inside that it was wrapped in plastic. I gave it a good wash once I had got it and left it on my desk to admire for the rest of the day because a dick on my desk cheers me up and makes working that bit more fun. Also, well to be quite honest this is a damn fine looking thing and it also feels really nice in my hands. I found myself giving it a little squeeze through out the day and also holding it by the balls and giving it a good wang around. Think if it a bit like a dick version of a stress ball.

Making an impression

So let’s move from desk ornament to it’s intended use and get down to some good old self pleasure.

Clearly this is not a real penis because whilst I say I miss dick it is the people who are attached to the dick who are important and the physical intimacy of being with another person but in the total absence of that for a fairly long while now this delightful dong has done a very job keeping my company and scratching my dick desires to the best of it’s dildo ability.

Lather this toy up with some water based lube and I have to say that pressing it into me really did feel remarkable actual dick like. Again clearly not the same as being a partner but still a really delicious experience. I really like the soft skin outer layer and the firmer core does actually make it feel very realistic. It feels like a dick does and whilst it lacks the real warmth of a human penis because it is made of silicone it doesn’t feel cold when you push it into you either.

Because of how it replicates a real penis in that it has a softness and malleability to it this dildo would make an excellent toy if you were wanting to experiment with double penetration with a partner. It would simulate the second penis in that situation brilliantly and you could use it either anally or vaginally.

It is a really nice size too. Clearly it is longer than required but the girth is just right and the head thickens out just a tiny bit once you are past the head and ridge. It gave me a really nice full feeling. It gave me a really good being fucked feeling.

The Suction Cup

I will say the suction cup is probably the one weak spot when it comes to this toy and if you are buying it for that alone then I would look around for something with a much better suction cup. I personally thing it is too rigid and the lip is not smooth enough and so found that it had a bit of a tendency to gradually lose it’s grip on things so to speak but in the shower on wet tiles it was better but it definitely needs a surface like that to grip on. I found it wouldn’t hold to the wall or even my slightly varnish chest of drawers. For me, it is a minor thing as I tend to like laying or reclining when I masturbate and so I am not that bothered but if you were buying to fulfill your spit roast fantasies with a partner then you might be disappointed.


Really simple. Lots of warm soap and water and it is ready to go again as soon as you are.

Value for Money

Like all of Sohimi’s stuff the Suction Cup Dildo is a really good price for a silicone dildo. It is currently $35.95 but if you use my coupon code MOLLYMOORE at the check out you will get 10% off your order.

Who is the Sohimi Suction Cup Dildo for?

Anyone who likes realistic looking and feeling genital dildos.
Anyone who loves penetration.
Anyone looking to try double penetration with a partner.

Who is the Sohimi Suction Cup Dildo not for?

Anyone who dislikes realistic genital dildos
Anyone looking for whom the suction cup is the main reason for buying one.


Sohimi Suction Cup Dildo is a really good realistic dick dildo. It looks good and it feels good and it is absolutely good value for money. It’s one slight weak area is the suction cup but for me that was a none issue and on tiles it worked just fine.

You can buy the Sohimi Suction Cup Dildo directly from Sohimi and if you use coupon code MOLLYMOORE at checkout you will get 10% off your purchase.

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