Pack and play from Tantus PRO’s

Great for beginners to dildo’s and Pegging

Non intimidating size

Squishy and flexible

Lightly Textured


Textures aren’t really felt

Not good for packing

This is a great looking and feeling Dildo.  It has some textures that can barely be felt.  It has a  few veins and it’s head does have a slight lip to it but since it is soft and squishy the textures are not  pronounced with use.

It is marketed as a packer but since it does stand up so well I have read that it doesn’t work well for packing.  I myself do not use it in this manner so I am unable to say.  It does work in an O ring  harness for pegging use and I use it as a dildo.  It works wonderful for use as a dildo as it has the girth and diameter but it’s length is not out of control.

It works great for vaginal and anal use.  It’s total length is 6 inches long and has an insertable area of 5 ¼ inches.  It has a diameter of 1 ½ inches.  It’s side flange is  ¾ of an inch from the shaft to stop it from being used in while using it anally, and for it to be held by an O ring.  It is more straight with only a very slight curve to it. It doesn’t seem to do well for g- spot stimulation.

For someone who is used to smaller diameter of dildo’s this would be a good one to move up in dimensions with, since it has “give” to it.  I love my textures but this one with the not so pronounced textures feels really good and it’s squishiness is a new vaginal sensation for me.  It is hard to explain when my vaginal walls clamp down on it, there is no discomfort.  I don’t feel like I have to pry it out of my vagina. 

Due to the soft squishiness the pack and play is great for thrusting and pegging as you won’t have the issue of injuring any one or causing great discomfort.

 It feels quite squishy and it is very flexible, so much so that it can be folded in half.  If you did use it for packing it you would be able to stuff it in your pants but the bulging would be quite evident.

It is made of silicone which is non porous and hypoallergenic, it is latex and phthalates free.  It has no taste and no scent to it.  The Tantus packaging states Ultra Premium Platinum  Silicone.  Silicone is one of the safest materials for sex toys to be made from since is it is able to be sterilized and used by multiple partners in multiple orifices without worrying about transmitting bacteria.

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  • It does collect some lint and hair which is normal for this grade of silicone.  The pack and play only comes in one color which Tantus calls cocoa but it looks to be a caramel color to me.  It has a shiny looking head to it.  It is squishy and I am able to indent it with my fingers when I squeeze it.

    The silicone Pack and play needs to be used with water based lubricants as silicone and hybrid lubricants can ruin the finish and can end up deforming your dildo as they silicone can meld with other silicones. The toy needs to be stored away from other silicone’s as they too can meld and the finish on the dildo can be hurt.

    Silicone dildo’s are easy to care for, you can place this one on the top shelf of your dishwasher, you can boil it.  You can use antibacterial soaps and water or toy sprays to clean it.  It doesn’t have any seams or grooves that you need to pay attention to when cleaning.

    There isn’t anything  exciting about Tantus packaging.  A clear plastic box with product information on it.

    This has been compared to the Tatus O2 Mark, as I don’t have the Mark I cannot say exactly but according to product descriptions and reviews he is pretty much one in the same except for a slight difference in size.

    I would rate the pack and play No.2 a 5 out of 5 as a dildo and I really cannot rate it as a packer but it seems that it wouldn’t work the best for that purpose.

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