Four types of Sliquid | Lube review

I can’t say it often enough: I love Sliquid! For years I thought that my vagina just couldn’t take lube, because I always had irritations after using lube. And that’s just not sexy. Until I found out that I just couldn’t handle certain ingredients. I am certainly not alone in this, because I hear this from many people with a vagina. Glycerin and parabens are usually the culprits. Fortunately, there are also lubricants without these ingredients, such as Sliquid! And Sliquid lubricant is also 100% vegan.

Some time ago I wrote a review about four types of Sliquid lubricant: Sliquid Sassy, Sizzle, Silk and Organics Oceanics. There are quite a few types of Sliquid and unfortunately they are not widely available yet. Fortunately, sells a lot of varieties! I received four bottles from Erovibes to test: Sliquid Sea, Sliquid Organics Sensation, Sliquid Organics Silk, and Sliquid Spark.

Sliquid Sea

Sliquid’s base lubricant is Sliquid H2O. Sliquid Sassy, ​​which I tested last time, is almost the same as H2O, only slightly thicker. I thought Sliquid Sea felt just like Sliquid Sassy, ​​which actually made sense. Because Sliquid Sea is Sliquid H2O with added seaweed extract.

That sounds great, but I actually had no idea what seaweed extract would do for my vulva and vagina. I had to look it up, but now it appears that seaweed extract itself is a very good natural lubricant. It also contains vitamin B and reduces inflammation and improves the elasticity of your skin. Oh, and it’s moisturizing, too. All pretty awesome properties for a lubricant.

Sliquid Sea glides well and continues to do so for a long time. After a while it does get a bit thicker, I notice that the moisture evaporates a bit, but it still glides well. Different, maybe a bit stiffer, but it still works very well and it all still feels very nice.

I can’t judge if the seaweed extract really made my skin more elastic or if it really moisturizes, because those aren’t actually things I’ve noticed before with my vulva, so I don’t know if that has changed either. So that is something I just assume for a moment.

Personally for me, it doesn’t add much at first sight, although I just think it’s a nice idea. If I do use lubricant, why not lubricant that also benefits my body? And especially if you are specifically looking for lubricant with, for example, moisture-absorbing properties, this is also a really nice lubricant!

Sliquid Organics Sensation

I’ve written it many times before: I love Sliquid Sizzle. Water-based lubricant that gives you a tingling feeling. It’s getting hot and cold and I love it!

Sliquid Organics Sensation is a lubricant based on aloe, with the same effect! This Sliquid is a bit thicker, which I find much more convenient. If I put it on my fingers or a sex toy, it will stay there more easily. It doesn’t drip off that quickly.

But most importantly, this lubricant really feels so good! I really like lubricant with a cooling, tingling effect, and Sliquid Organics Sensation does this even better than Sliquid Sizzle!

Sliquid Sizzle feels alternately cold and warm to me, while Sliquid Organics Sensation just feels cold. For me, because such things can often differ from person to person. But the effect is really felt even better than with Sliquid Sizzle. Just what I like!

It feels intense, but not too much. It’s just right for me. Furthermore, this lubricant glides, just like all Sliquid lubricants, also really fine.

Because Sliquid Organics Sensation is based on aloe, this is also good for your skin. It is moisturizing, so if you need it, that’s a bonus!

Test aloe-based lubricant on your sex toy first, if you want to use it with it!

Sliquid Organics Silk

Earlier I wrote about Sliquid Silk, a hybrid lubricant. That is a mix of water base and silicone base. Sliquid Organics Silk is also a hybrid lubricant, but a mix of aloe and silicone.

This lubricant is very similar to the regular Sliquid Silk. It’s white and a lot thicker than regular lube. I find that super handy and fortunately it is not so thick that it looks dirty.

Although Sliquid Organics Silk glides well, I find it slightly less than the original Sliquid Silk. I kind of miss the hybrid effect here. Normally with a hybrid lubricant it glides really very well, through the silicone, but I don’t notice that very much here. It glides a bit better than the other organics lubricants, but not much better.

If you want to use a hybrid lubricant in combination with a sex toy, first test whether it does not damage the material.

Sliquid Spark

Yes! Even more tingly lube. Sliquid spark is a silicone-based lubricant, which also has that tingling effect.

Silicone-based lubricant generally glides a lot better and longer than water- or aloe-based lubricant, but it is also a bit more difficult to remove. The other lubricants disappear by themselves, while you have to wash off silicone-based lubricant in the shower, for example. As a result, you need less of it and you therefore last longer with a bottle. However, you are more likely to get stains in your sheets (or on your couch or wherever you use it) than if you use a water-based lubricant, aloe-based or a hybrid lubricant. You can use silicone-based lubricant in combination with condoms, but not in combination with silicone sex toys.

The tingling effect feels different with Sliquid Spark than with Sliquid Organics Sensation and Sliquid Sizzle. The feeling is a lot more subtle, but what I feel also feels special. It is alternately warm and cold, and sometimes it feels like both at the same time. I like when these sensations are a bit more intense, but that’s really my personal preference.

Indeed, the lubricant glides super well, as you would expect from a silicone based lubricant. I do find it easier to remove than, for example, Pjur. You can get it off just fine with a washcloth or a moist intimate cloth. I think that is a very big advantage, because I really hate it when lube is difficult to remove.

I really think Sliquid Spark is a very nice lubricant and that while I am normally not such a fan of silicone-based lubricant. But the fact that it just gives that extra tingling feeling and that it is quite easy to remove, means that I will certainly use this lubricant more often.

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