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Little Su

Little su From Joya Pro’s


Clitoral attachment


Easy to clean

CONs  none


I love this dildo.  I only wish that it were a vibrator.  It has the filling vaginal portion and an awesome clit attachment.  It has a neat design and I have to say that if I were to design a sex toy it would be similar to this one.

The little su has the coolest packaging.  It looks like a book,  the pages are a foam material that has the cut out for the toy to rest.  The first few pages of the book explain the toy’s use, materials and a story about little su.

The dildo is made for vaginal use.  You can use this alone or it also works well for two females.  There is a description in the book that show how two females can use the toy with the clitoral bump working for both partners.  I found that I really liked to have this in and rock on the bed or on one of my firmer pillows.   You can use this one anally as it’s attachment would prevent it from going missing.  You could wear it with anal intercourse if you choose.

The book explains that the dildo is made from certified, non toxic, medical grade materials.  It doesn’t say that it is silicone until you read the book.  The book explains that it is soft, durable, hygienic, odorless, nonporous, anti-allergic, easy to clean and phthalates free.

To me, the little su acts like and feels like silicone. It heats up to your body and becomes a bit more pliable with use.   I wash it with anti bacterial soaps and water and my toy sprays.  You can  boiling it or placing it in the dishwasher, you can also wash it down with a 10% bleach solution.  It does collect some lint and hair and it is completely odorless.

The little su is 4 ½ inches long.  The attachment that comes forward on the clitoris is 4 inches long.  The clit bump sits up  ½ inch from the base and the bump also extended ½ inch down from the base.  This is for female to female excitement.  The placement of the clitoral bump is perfect.

The area that extends from the vagina to the clitoris has lined ridges present.  They are raised approximately 1/8 th of an inch.   The entire external area is 1 ¼ inch wide and is very flexible.

The internal portion has a girth of  approximately  1 ½ inches with a circumference of 4 ½ inches.  The dildo is somewhat triangular shaped and it fits so well in the vagina.  The area at the opening of the vagina has a circumference of 2 ½ inches or a diameter of  approximately 1 inch.

I really enjoy wearing this one and rocking on my chair also.  It fits perfectly and the silicone attachment does carry vibrations well when I hit the area with my salsa or my Mimi.  The little su does come in a vibrating version and I may need to invest in that one too.

The story of little su is one that  she gave money to a poor man, he went on his way and she never took a husband or lover. She was known for her intellect and great beauty.  She pursued the values of love, beauty, and humanity.  She died tragically at 19 years of age.  She has been considered a romantic heroine.

The book portion of the packaging contains information in several languages.

I would definitely rate this dildo a 5/5.  It hits all the right spots!

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