Some Advantages of Using Lubes

Lubricants or lubes are one of the many ways to improve and make your sex life better. According to a study , 70 per cent of surveyed women preferred lube as they believe in lube for more enjoyable and pleasurable sex. Be it a problem of dryness or arousal, lube is your one-stop solution for all.

1.Lubes do not differentiate
Anyone can use lube irrespective of sexuality, gender, or age. You can use it during masturbation also with sex toys. Lube is not solely for post-menopausal women it can help to make the sexual experience of young people more pleasurable as well.

2. Lubes intensify pleasure
Lube gives pleasure a new definition. You can use lube at any time during sex. Along with delaying ejaculation, it provides a cooling or warming effect.

3. Lubes prevent dryness
There are times when the vagina does not lubricate itself. This dryness can happen due to menopause, medication, or menstrual cycle.

Many allergy medicines function by shrinking blood vessels which reduces the genital blood flow. This genital blood flow helps in getting wet. Lube can help to overcome this problem of dryness.

Dryness can be a problem for women during menopause. But, lube brings back that smoothness and helps to create an exotic intimate time.

4. Lubes help in better understanding of sexual needs
Since lubes can be used during masturbation, you can experiment the way you want. These experiments will help to figure out what you like during masturbation. You can know if you prefer warming or tingling effect lubricants.

5. Lubes make anal sex more fun
Lube plays a critical role in making anal sex successful and pleasurable. Unlike the vagina, the anus does not lubricate itself. Hence, making lubrication necessary for anal play or anal sex.

6. Lubes help in safer sex
Since the use of lube reduces friction, the chances of getting hurt also decreases. If used with a condom then there are minimal chances of the condom falling or breaking.

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