My 11 year old caught me having sex and she’s traumatized more than I am.

This has been a horrible nightmare of a day. Yesterday afternoon my fiancé and I had a cookout with friends at our house along with a few drinks. My daughter is good friends with our neighbors whom are her age. She had taken off to one of their houses to swim in their pool. At this point it’s just my man and I. We rarely get alone time, so we jumped each other immediately. Things were hot and heavy for a while until we heard my hall closet door slam! My daughter had came home and we hadn’t been aware! I was acting like a porn star and talking pure filth! My little girl heard us tearing down the bedroom and banging like teens. She hasn’t hardly said a word the entire day. She won’t even eat. She talked to me about it briefly this am and she cried saying she is scarred for life. I tried to make it better but this whole day has been beyond awkward. Any advice on what to do. The damage is done.

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