Let me dry it for you

She climbed on his lap, straddling his hips as he dried his hair. “Always so eager, little pup. Calm down, let me dry off.”

She wiggled her hips like an eager puppy. Then she leaned forward and licked the water dripping down his right pectoral muscle.

He grabbed her head to stop her. “If you’re so eager, get on my cock first.” He raised his hips to brush the point against her inner thigh.

She tilted her hips and impaled herself on his dick.

“Okay, now you can lick me, you naughty girl.” He laughed as she licked his neck, scraping her teeth over his tattoo. He pinched her ass. “I’ll punish you if you continue misbehaving.”

She licked his shoulder and down his bicep, forearm. Then to the other side where she lapped his skin with her tongue.

With each flick on her tongue, his dick twitched inside her, and as she tasted all of his skin, he moved his hips.

“Ride me, pet. Let me feel you squeeze around me.”

She wrapped her arms around his neck as she bucked on his rod. He kissed her, tracking her pleasure as she bounced on him, carrying them to rapture. They quaked together, holding each other, as their moans echoed inside one another, until they collapsed together.

He pushed the lever on the chair and flung them back. She curled her legs up and laid her head on his shoulder as he rubbed her back.

“I have to dry off that way more often,” he declared, pulling a soft blanket over her bare skin.

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