The 5 Best Sitting Sex Positions You Love

We know there are those days when you are feeling wild and kinky, and nothing does it better than hitting it from the back. All the doggy style fans can understand this feeling! Then, there are days when you are feeling like a hopeless romantic, days when you do not want to have sex, but rather, you feel all you need to do is ‘make love’ in that sweet and timeless missionary position. Then, there are days when you are bored; and these let you know that the bedroom needs something new, which is precisely where some inspiration comes in handy!

You can literally have sex in all sorts of positions: standing, laying down, suspended in the air, and even more positions that we can even hope to exhaust or imagine! However, sex while sitting down isn’t that popular, which is quite unfortunate because it can be quite the experience! Luckily for you, we will explore a dozen sex positions while sitting that can make the whole experience both mind-blowing and pleasurable. The secret to satisfaction during sex is knowing the perfect orientation that pleases you as well as your partner. It is actually rarely the case when people have sex when sitting down, but we are about to change that.

When it comes to sitting down sex positions, there are hundreds of possible variations to explore. In this article, we are only going to be talking about the few best positions, what you need to effectively pull them off, and the perfect execution of these positions.

Best Sitting Sex Positions

The Zeal

There could not have been a better match than this sex position and the name it has. The zeal is one of the easiest yet most pleasurable sitting sex positions.

The first step is to get your partner to sit on a chair. It does not need to be an armchair; any chair will do. Once they are seated comfortably, the next step is to make sure that they are comfortable. Make sure that your partner spreads their legs and rests on the backrest of the chair.

The next step is to sit on top of them whilst facing the same direction they are facing. Sit on your partner in a way that your back is against their chest. Your feet must touch the ground, especially if you are not using a chair with armrests, to ensure that you have some sort of balance.

After you are comfortably seated, place your palms on your partner’s thighs, grip tight. Then start grinding back and forth. You can also try to slide up and down. Mixing up the grinding and sliding can be quite pleasurable, but it should be done in a manner that is both synchronized and comfortable for your partner. The secret is establishing the perfect rhythm, and once both of you establish this, stick to it.

Sitting Cowgirl

It is as straightforward as sitting positions can get and need. It is one of the most popular sitting sex positions, and it is for all the right reasons.

The first step is getting your partner to sit down as comfortably as they can whether on a couch, a bed, a chair, or on the floor. It is why it is one of the most popular positions: it is not that demanding, and anyone can pull it off.

Once your partner is comfortable, you can sit on your partner whilst facing them. For the cowgirl position, thrusting up and down works well, but we recommend grinding – it is rather more effective. Make sure your partner wraps their hands around you, with your boobs in their face. If you are athletic, you can try to wrap your legs around them.

Chilli pepper

Chilli pepper is not for the faint-hearted. If you want an explosive orgasm, then the Chilli pepper is the go-to sex position. It might be physically demanding, but believe us, it is worth every bead of sweat.

The best thing to make this position work is to get a chair without an armrest to make sure that your partner can extensively spread their legs. Make sure your partner is seated comfortably, their back firmly pressed against the chair.

Then, sit on them and bend your back, so your hands can touch the ground. It is why your partner needs to spread out their legs as much as they can. It means you won’t struggle with the bending down part.

When all is set, your partner can begin to thrust up and down in a manner that is both rhythmic and actively quick. If there is a position that gets right to the g spot, it is certainly this one. If it gets a little painful, be sure to talk to your partner. The strokes should be quick because it’s a little uncomfortable to stay in this position for a long time.

Sweet sin

If you’re an anal fan, and if you are out to get yourself an anal orgasm, you need to hook up with this position – you certainly need to.
This position is for those dominant women who like to take control during sex. Your partner sits down with their arms spread out, and their hands touching the ground for support. They sit with their knees raised a bit for effective thrusting.

Once your partner is comfortable pivoted, get your first leg over theirs whilst spreading out your arms for support. Then put another leg over your partners and let the anal action begin.

This position puts your anal cavity entrance at an elevated position that makes it easy for your partner to access it. Once you are comfortable, and the penis is inserted, you can start grinding back and forth. The position is quite extreme, and it might be a little painful at first, but eventually, you will ease into pleasure.

This position is sexy in the utmost sense of the word, but it is essential to clean up before and after sex in this position. We can authoritatively assure you that this position is everything that says pleasure.


This position is all about torture. It’s a mix of both pleasure and a tad bit of pain. If you are a fan of the extreme when it comes to sex, but you still do not want to scar your body for life, this is definitely for you.

The first thing is to get a comfortable chair. For this position, the chair strictly has to have no arms. Your partner sits on the chair, with their legs wide open and their back firmly against the chair.

Once your partner is in this position, sit on your partner’s penis facing them. Then, you lower your back to your partner’s knees. Once you are in this position, your head will be in the air. You can hold your partner’s angles for support.

Once the position is firmly established, your partner can start delivering the strokes. This position is a little risky; your partner must go about his business in a rather gentle manner. There is a chance you might fall, but don’t worry, it’s all part of the pleasure pathway.

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