Satisfyer—The Top Companies in the Sex Toy Industry

The Top Companies in the Sex Toy Industry

December 4, 2022 by  A-b Nosihcrum

In 2016, the German brand Satisfyer was launched with a clear vision: To enable 0the most satisfying sexual experience and pioneer technologies that put people first.

Satisfyer wants to empower people to customize, create and celebrate their own individual sexual journey. With that in mind they’ve created amazing and yet affordable products for everyone to enjoy everywhere, solo or with a partner. They have over 100,000,000 brand followers world wide. They are an all encompassing, everyone should self love, truly innovative sexual wellness company with new technologies like their Staisfyer App and Air Pulse Technology.

With Staisfyer’s Revolutionary Air Pulse Technology they’ve become the world´s top-selling sexual wellness innovators. It’s propelled them into the the fastest growing sexual wellness brand, releasing 200 product innovations each year. Their Pro2 has become the world´s top-selling sexual wellness innovation.

What’s this new technology you ask, well it’s a multi-sensory sexual universe for everyone. It generates titltitillating gentle or intense waves of pressure at various strengths and levels, which you can choose and discover your likings. It’s an overwhelming orgasm one needs to feel for themselves.

Do not worry though, Satisfyer has toys for everyone; men, women and non-gendered like their Satisfyer Endless Fun, With its 180° rotating, soft-silicone head, this multi-toy is comfortably accommodating for all positions and 29 application options to ensure hours of versatile and exciting play.

Their toys are made from body-friendly silicone, which is particularly hygienic and pleaseing with its soft feel. With very easy clean up and accessories to help with that too. Each toy is equipped with integrated batteries that can be recharged with a USB charging cable and let’s not forget Satisfyer’s lubricants specially formulated for their products and will add to the fun.

Satisfyer has become the sex toy company for the masses with their great selection of amazing sexy toys for anyones level of fun. They have hundreds of products to choose from and always new ones coming out. They have a wide variety of categories to choose from ranging from couples, here’s a description:
“Our products for couples, made of skin-friendly silicone, pleasure the erogenous zones of both partners during foreplay and sex. With intuitive controls and varied vibration programs ranging from powerful to whisper quiet, these toys are the ideal choice for couples who enjoy trying new things, and expanding connection.”
to menstrual cups and everything in-between like their masturbators which comes with adjustable tightness and interchangeable sleeves offering a variety of shapes and sensations.

All of their toys come with a 15 year guarantee which is practically unheard of these days but they stand behind what the create. They attach great importance to the development of their products, they conduct numerous surveys to ensure that everyone is provided the perfect orgasms.

They’ve been greatly recognized in the sexual wellness industry and won numerous awards and continues to win more every year. In 2020 they won the IF design award and reddot winner in personal care brands. Then in 2021 they again won The Reddot Award. They’ve also won several innovation awards for their App technology. With their Satisfyer App they’ve not only won countless awards but they’ve made erotic reality come true.

They have geniusly created toys and their own app, Satisfyer app and linked them together for all kinds of fun. In 2020, Satisfyer launched these brilliant App Toys and changed playtime for many like never before. You can use the app to remotely control your Satisfyer or control other users’ Satisfyers in live video chats if you’re apart. There’s 4 ways to use the app. You can link together the vibrations to the beat of music, your partner controlling the toy via their smartphone, no matter where you are, ambient noise thru your phones microphone and creates patterns for you and yojr pleasure or create your own patterns to share with others. Through the connection app you can also not only hear errotic stories but experience them as well.

These toys aren’t just for women or for the bedroom, they’re for everyone and every where. All of their toys come with a whisper quiet motor for when you need a discrete moment.

Staisfyer believes that unleashing your sexuality is a superpower for health, satisfaction, and empowerment. They want everyone to experience the #SatisfyerEffect:

• Boost your health in the most pleasurable way
• Make breathtaking sensations a never-ending story
• Live your life with sexual confidence and joy

Satisfyer is like nothing you’ve experienced before. Now is the time of self love so let’s have that include self love inside and out. Let that self love bring you the #SatisfyerEffect.

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