Sex toys causing issues

Okay so I have been in a long distance relationship with my boyfriend for two years now (I haven’t seen him in almost a year) and we’ve been having lots of issues lately. One issue that has been big for us is sex toys. To me (21F) sex toys are fun and have helped me get comfortable with myself, however for my boyfriend (24M) he sees them as competition and a way of me replacing him. He’s told me many times that he’s uncomfortable with me using them (I have never pressured him to use them, but I have asked if he’s be interested in bringing them into the bedroom). He also says it takes the intimacy out of sex. When he told me that, so many arguments happened because we are both stubborn with our opinions on it. However I stopped using them and eventually threw them away. Recently, I have been wanting to explore myself and wanting to purchase a toy but I know it’ll cause a big issue. I told him that I think it’s weird that he cares that much about what I use to masturbate, but he keeps saying that I’m making him uncomfortable sexually by bringing up/wanting sex toys. I’m not sure what to do, any help/thoughts would be appreciated :))

Just to be clear I am upset about him being uncomfortable/not allowing me to use toys by myself, I am 100% understanding If he doesn’t want them involved with sex. I’ve recently started antidepressants so I brought up the idea of having extra help since I’m struggling to reach orgasm.

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