Behold: Cosmo's 20 Best Sex Tips Ever

  It’s human nature to be curious about sex, and the curiosity doesn’t stop even if you’re having it multiple times a day, seven days a week, etc. Like all things, no one wants to get into a rut, and incorporating new techniques and tricks is part of what keeps sex so refreshing and intimate. Sure, sex has been around forever, and the never-ending curiosity gap around it is part of what makes it such a dynamic part of our lives. It’s also only logical that we humans would be constantly thinking and wondering about it. Are we all doing it? If so, how often? Are we doing it correctly? What else is there to try? Is everyone having one kind of sex that I’m not? The good news is, as long as it’s consensual, safe, and healthy, you’re good.

  Part of the beauty of sex is that it’s so subjective. Just because one person loves BDSM-style sex, doesn’t mean other people can’t enjoy vanilla sex. You can always evolve your sexual tastes and proclivities, and that’s kinda what makes it great. Experimentation is part of being a sexual being. To help you make sure your bedroom action is as pleasurable as possible, here are 20 of the best sex tips to ever come out of Cosmo.


1. Watch horny Tik Tok videos.

Seriously, there’s a lot of horntent out there. You’re probs on the app anyways, so venturing to the ~after dark~ side of it to see if it turns you on is no skin off your teeth.

2. Know the difference between a cheap sex toy and a legit one.

You wouldn’t use a knock-off skincare product when you’re trying to treat your body to the real thing, so why should your sex life be any different? Feeling good about body-safe materials in the delicate ~ecosystem~ of your vulva and vagina: priceless, TBH.

3. Watch porn with a partner.

It could turn both of you on enough to shut it off and start some action IRL, give you inspo for new moves, or just be a bonding activity.

4. Give yourself at least 45 minutes to get turned on.

Seriously! That’s what science says your body needs! Slow things down a bit and wait until you’re fully turned TF on for sex that’s even more mind-blowing.

5. When on top, focus on grinding more, instead of moving up and down.

By grinding against your partner’s groin, instead of just bopping on top of it, you get way more much-needed clit stimulation.

6. Activate your senses to make sure you’re fully turned on. Yep, all of them.

Never underestimate the importance of ambiance, people!

7. Use your tongue even more during sex.

What’s textured, surprisingly strong, and self-lubricating? Your tongue! Just like your brain is actually the largest sexual organ, your tongue can do way more heavy lifting during sex. Everything from dirty talk, kissing, licking, you name it. Get your tongue in there and watch things go va-va-voom.

8. Read up on other real women’s masturbation habits so you can take some ~inspo~ from them.

If you needed any more motivation to masturbate even more, we gotchu.

9. Take a voyeuristic gander at some of the all-time steamiest sexts ever to turn yourself on.

We won’t tell if you decide to reuse these on your partners in the future.

10. Find a woman-friendly porn site for whenever you need some visual motivation.

Feeling non-icky about the porn you watch can make a huge difference in your sex life. Take a few minutes to consider the options so that the next time you’re in the mood to watch porn, you can feel good about the ethics of the site you’re choosing.

11. Consider trying a workout designed specifically for increasing stamina during sex.

Feeling strong is sexy, and trying a workout designed to make you even stronger and empowered in the bedroom can be game-changing.

12. Masturbate in the shower.

The shower isn’t just for getting in and getting clean! Taking time to focus on your pleasure when you’re in the shower can get you in touch with your turn-ons and honestly even be a lil moment of self care. You deserve it.

13. Try a nipple toy that isn’t just a nipple clamp.

No shade to clamps, but there are a ton of toys that focus on your nips that aren’t just clamps. Nipple suction toys, nipple lickers, and nipple vibrators, to name a few. Pair with some body-friendly lube or massage oil and you’ve got yourself a good reason to clear your schedule for the night.

14. Try giving a virtual BJ — chances are, you’ll find it pretty effing hot.

Be one with the Zoom and take your turn in the spotlight. Grab a toy and sext your partner that you’re about to treat the toy like their penis and go forth. Not only is it hot for them, you’ll probably find it hot for you to be putting on an such a sexy, exhibitionist-y show.

15. Get a sex swing.

It doesn’t have to be a fancy contraption that you need to hire a contractor for. Plenty of kits are designed to fit over your door!

16. When it comes to hand jobs, use some light applied pressure.

Applied pressure is the key here, according to experts. You want to act like your hands are creating a vagina for their penis, so a bit of snugness is good here.

17. Also on the note of handies: get their balls involved.

Shaft stuff is cool, but ball stuff can really spice it up a notch.

18. Give a sexy lap dance by switching between standing above your seated partner, squatting, and sitting.

Turns out that’s the secret to a sexy lap dance: just alternating between standing, squatting, and sitting. Sounds super easy right? Go ahead and give it a try.

19. Period cramps? Try having period sex and see if it helps the cramping – it actually might work!

Even more reason not to skip period week when it comes to sex.

20. Don’t skip the outercourse.

There’s something about keeping your clothes on that makes sex even hotter. Whether it’s dry humping, or just heavy petting while clothed, take a beat before you and your partner strip each other’s undies off to up the “gotta-have-you-now” factor.