How to Make Your Man Crazy For You

To do that means you have to focus on the main principles behind how to make him crazy for you, instead of trying overnight tricks.

Once you get the basic principles down, you’ll be able to keep any man hooked for as long as you please.

Before we get to the step-by-step process, I’d like to tell you why it’s important for you to properly understand these main principles behind what works and what doesn’t.

Usually one of 3 things happens when a woman is trying to figure out how to drive a man wild.

First thing is – She doesn’t know what to do and struggles to figure it out.

Secondly, she knows a few tricks here and there, but can’t seem to get long-term results, and thirdly, she does things that she assumes will work, but surprise of surprises; they push the man away instead.

So in a way she makes her own situation go from bad to worse.

This is the reason why it’s utterly important that you understand the right way to do it and drive him crazy.

It will save you a lot of heartache and a disastrous ending to your relationship.

To drive him crazy get him to chase you by making him invest more in you.
There is a right way to do it and then there is the wrong way. I’d like to first point out the wrong way since this is the most common route women take.

The wrong way is when you do things or pretend to do things to get his attention.

Most men can see through that and will know within seconds that you’re trying to trick him into something. He won’t fall for it. You don’t have to be fake in order to get his attention.

Let me now point out the right way. The right way is to get the power or balance back. Which is this – His investment in you should be equal to or more than your investment in him.

Ok, I can just see you scratching your head and going,

‘Huh? What does that mean?’ In other words, where is the balance in your daily dealings with him?

Are you the one giving more and getting less? If you invest a lot in a guy and he doesn’t invest with an equal amount – or more – in return, there is bound to be an imbalance.

Consequently, he will start taking you for granted because you are giving him easy access to you and also doing the work, which he is supposed to be doing since he is a man and is naturally wired to do.

Here are a few examples which illustrate that you are giving more & getting less.

  1. You pick up after him all the time.
  2. You always call but he rarely calls.
  3. You do loving things all the time but he acts indifferent.
  4. You keep him on top of your list of priorities while he gives you the average treatment.
  5. So the big secret is – take a few steps back when you know he isn’t as invested in you as you are in him.

You must have seen this exact same process work time after time between men and women.

When one partner gives a lot to the other, the other one naturally takes the giver for granted.

In reaction, the giver ends up trying harder to earn more of the attention of the taker because he/she expects something in return for what he/she gave.

Just getting this one thing right will give you unparalleled amounts of power in your daily dealings with your man.

So before I go further, I hope you are clear on this concept. In order to make him go crazy, you have to invest less in comparison to his investment in you.

That way he will always keep working for your attention. Now let me tell you how you can successfully use this in your life.

Pull back a little when you feel that you are investing more and he isn’t returning the favor.

For example: let’s say that he hasn’t called you for a few days when he used to call you every single day.

Instead of calling him or texting him asking why he hasn’t contacted you, take two steps back and give him some space.

Don’t call him, don’t text him. Just wait. Don’t go to him for attention anymore, let him come to you.

In fact! Do not answer his calls or texts for the next few days.

This will instantly trigger his pursuit gene and he will think …..

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