My story with a senior girl

During my science class, i really had to pee so i took a hall pass and headed towards the restroom. i was walking in, when suddenly this senior girl i had never seen before grabbed me and pulled me into a stall (the big roomy one on the end). i asked what she was doing to which she replied with taking off her clothes. i was in awe, she had big boobs and a nice ass. I quickly took off my clothes as she pushed me against the wall, kissing me passionately. Our tongues dancing in our mouths, soft moans coming from our throats. we made out for a long time, both of us turned on. she rubbed her boobs against mine, and took off my bra. she sucked on my hard nipples with me moaning loudly from the pleasure. my clit was pounding, my heart racing. she took off my panties and licked and ate out my pussy. i came several times, this time screaming with the intense pleasure. a girl walked into the bathroom, concerned by all the screaming. she knocked on the stall and we opened it, inviting her to join us. she was shocked, but was eager to join. We had a threesome and occasionally met in that stall throughout the year. it’s a shame she went to college, for i missed our fun times together.

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