Before we give you these fabulous tips, you need to know what is foreplay. Though most people aren’t having enough foreplay, it’s considered one of the best parts of sex and sexual relationships.

Foreplay, for the most part, is basically everything you do before intercourse. Making out, caressing, oral sex, dry humping, dirty talk – those are all activities that make up foreplay. It’s what leads up to the big event.

But why do you need foreplay? Is it that important? In short, yes, it is. However, foreplay has different benefits for men and women.

For men, foreplay helps them bond with their partner and helps prolong their erection as this is a big fear before intercourse, whereas women need foreplay for arousal.

Unlike men, women need around 20 twenty minutes to become aroused and self-lubricate. With foreplay, the female body prepares for intercourse not only physically, but mentally as well. Like men, foreplay also plays an important role for women to bond with their partner.

As you can see, foreplay is a crucial component of sex. If you want to start incorporating foreplay into your sex life, here are 50 tips to follow.

1.Start foreplay with yourself. Take some time to masturbate and understand what makes you tick.

2.Put in the time. If you want to have a good foreplay experience, you need to invest the time. Don’t rush through it; enjoy it.

3.Find out their deepest fantasies. Get talking and discover what your partner’s fantasies are.

4.Go offline. Turn off your phone and focus solely on your partner.

5.Schedule a date night. We’re all busy, schedule a date night with your partner no matter what!

6.Get in the zone. Get yourself ready for sex. Take a nap, go for a run, focus on destressing yourself for the big event.

7.Avoid watching porn alone. Porn isn’t real, but your sexual experiences are. Take a break from porn and refocus your attention on real people.

8.Gift your partner a sex toy. Surprise them with a new toy (or an old one).

9.Get sexting. Sext your partner(s) a sexy photo of you, or tell them what you want to do to them when they get home.

10.Take a time out from masturbating. If you masturbate solo, take a break from it for a couple of days. Build up the sexual tension before having sex again.

11.Dress to impress. Dress to feel sexy; confidence is the key to great sex.

12.Set the mood. If you want to arouse your partner, you need to set the mood. Dim the light, put some sensual music on; set the mood for the event.

13.Relive your first date. Some of us have had pretty wild first dates, so why not relive it with your partner?

14.Undress them with your eyes. Undress your partner with your eyes – make sure they see.

15.Start foreplay outside of the bedroom. You can start foreplay hours before you even step one foot into your house.

16.Make room for oral sex. If you are familiar with oral sex, give a mindblowing blowjob or salad toss, expect a strong foreplay orgasm from your partner.

17.Show off the Public Display of Affection (PDA). People complain about PDA all the time; but when you’re doing it, it doesn’t count.

18.Tease with lube. Anal foreplay is always fun with lube.

19.Nipple play. Get naughty with nipple foreplay.

20.Ladies, ask for what you want. Take control.

21.Give a foot massage. Make it a sensual massage and a passionate one.

22.Discover your partner’s erogenous zones. Find out other body parts that arouse your partner. Try breast foreplay for starters.

23.Make it last all day long. For a strong foreplay orgasm, keep the foreplay going all day long.

24.Have fun with dry humping. An oldie, but a goodie.

25.Try out a strap-on. Switch up the roles for some exciting anal foreplay.

26.Go outside your comfort zone. Give anal foreplay a try if you already haven’t.

27.Give/get a body massage. With the right massage oil, who wouldn’t get turned on?

28.Have a pillow fight. A pillow fight works for one-on-one or group sex.

29.Talk dirty. What do you want them to do to you? Tell them.

30.Heat it up with interactive sex toys. Achieve a foreplay orgasm by incorporating interactive sex toys for couples

31.Play out a fantasy. Has your partner always wanted to play a naughty male/female nurse?

32.Get them yearning. If they want you, they’ll yearn for you

33.Moan and breathe sensually. Heat things up with your breath.

34.Cook a sexy meal. And eat it naked.

35.Follow the honey or whipped cream. With honey or whipped cream, make a trail on your body of where you want your partner to kiss.

36.Watch something naughty on tv together. Some foreplay techniques are really this simple.

37.Give a head massage. Stimulate each other with a head massage.

38.Compliment each other’s bodies. Arouse each other with compliments.

39.Make a “sexytime” playlist. Get the mood started with the right tunes.

40.Play truth or dare. Whether it’s one-on-one sex or group sex, play this game to fulfill wild fantasies and get things started.

41.Use a feather. All you need is a feather and a blindfold. The feather can be a part of nipple foreplay and breast foreplay.

42.Don’t kiss each other. It’ll be the biggest tease for both of you.

43.Play the mystery toy game. In a bag, place all your sex toys. With either you or your partner blindfolded, reach in, and grab one. That’s the toy you’ll be using tonight.

44.Grind against them in public. Be a little naughty in public. Experiment with breast and nipple foreplay by rubbing them against your partner’s body.

45.Run your hand through their hair. Show off your sensuality.

46.Bite your lip. Let them know you want them.

47.Play the stranger game. Choose a character and play them during group sex.

48.Buy lingerie together. Build the tension and excitement.

49.Role-play a fantasy. Who have you always wanted to be? Be them during one-on-one or group sex.

50.Try a new sex position. Have fun with new foreplay positions.

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