My very first time as a teenager

This happened with a cousin of mine who was a bit younger…
So this is when i was about 19 and my cousin who was 18. He used to visit us often with his mom and dad, Due to lack of space at our place, I would have to give up my bed to his mom and dad….and he and I would have to sleep on the sofa bed in the living room. Just being next to a body i would get hard…and he would joke about it. Some times we would compare sizes under the sheets with our hands. Then somewhere along the way he came up with the idea that he would wear his pajamas backwards….and i could rub it between his thighs. If we heard any noise of anyone waking up, we would just pull away and freeze in place. This actually started feeling pretty good…then he started to put some vaseline between his thieghs before coming to bed….and made it even more fun….and would last longer since there was less friction. I thought this was the best it would ever get…and that was all he wanted to do….oral being out of the question in case someone woke up…there would be no explanation for the position.
As i was getting older, my cock was getting stronger, harder erection and more precum…even the need for vaseline was vanishing.
Then on this one particular night, i remember it was beginning of winter, things were about to change. They had come over for thanksgiving weekend….and as usual the arrangement was for us to sleep on the sofa bed in the living room. One thing in our favor was going to be that after staying up late and watching the game, chance of anyone waking up was lot less…..and upto now, no one had ever awoke and checked up on us anyhow. This time he forgot to put the pajamas backwards….or maybe he thought nothing was going to happen due to late night. After it was all quite…everyone asleep…i started to feel for the pajama opening. He said that he didn’t prepare…I said, no worries…just pull them down ….which he did….i slowly started just rubbing on his bare butt and started leaking a lot of precum….then i put my young and hard cock between his thighs..with the lubrication of all that precum…i was in heaven….but it was about to get better.
The angle must’ve been little bit different….and i was probably harder than usual. During one of the pushes, it felt some thing different…..i really had no idea what was about to happen….next push my cockhead entered his sweet asshole…..he let out a whimper…and tried to push me back and out of him. But it damn felt so good….better than anything else we had ever done that i didnt let him push me back. Instead i grabbed him at the waist by both hand…..and told him to relax….it will be ok in a few seconds. He must’ve wanted to experience it too….he relaxed slowly. I pushed my cock all the way in to his ass…..and just held him close…..i didnt want to move…..i wanted to freeze the moment and enjoy. My cock was pulsating…..but this had to last. I told him lets just stay like this for a while….he agreed. Then as soon as i would started getting a little soft i would pump him a few time till it got hard again…..and then go back into the holding pattern. Now that he was not resisting my cock and try to push me away….i started to play with his cock. We did this for almost 45 minutes. Then he changed his position slightly….and damn I was able to get it all in him. By now he was gyrating on my cock….my cock started throbbing….he said that he could feel it getting thicker….and then suddenly it exploeded deep inside him. He told he felt a warm squirt one after the other. Then we just lay there….my cock still in him. I stroked him…..but he said to let it be for this time. My cock was beginning to get soft….i tried to pump….but that little devil cock would not cooperate….he started to squeze his hole so he could hold the juice in. Then he had to get up on the pretense of going to the bathroom so he could clean up.
We talked about it the next day…..he said when my cock popped into him…he was scared…..but later started to really enjoy it. He said that his asshole was hurting and feeling like something was still there. He said he would love to experience what i had experienced……i promised him that he will. He did and you may read about it in another story!

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