Lesbian dating advice from Rose and Rosie

Rose and Rosie share their dating advice for lesbians, bisexuals, queer women and non-binary people

LGBTQ+ YouTube power couple Rose and Rosie – aka Rose Dix and Rosie Spaughton – are known for their friendly, funny and relatable advice. So what better couple to answer dating and life questions from Cosmopolitan UK followers?

With Rose identifying as a lesbian, and Rosie as bisexual, they share their advice on everything from how to know you’re gay and not bi, to how to start dating women and people of other genders for the first time. Ever fallen in love with a straight friend? Or want to know more about choosing a sperm donor? They’re here to give their advice on everything queer women and non-binary people might need to know about relationships and identity.


The married couple is currently pregnant with their first child, after announcing the pregnancy with a scan pic on Instagram. They’ve been sharing their journey into parenthood on Instagram and their YouTube channel, from reacting to followers’ parenting assumptions to baby name suggestions.

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