How to Make Love with a Woman

The Setting

When we’re talking about making love, the first thing to consider is the setting. As making love to a woman is about giving her your undivided attention, you need to create a setting where you are allowing yourself to do this. Make sure to turn off and disconnect from everything that can disturb the moment.

You also need to allocate enough time. All though a quick fuck actually can be great sex, love making is about taking time. When it comes to the setting of the act you want to use things like candles and incense. Creating a romantic setting is important when you want to make love to your woman.


When you are touching another person the hormone oxytocin gets released. Oxytocin makes us feel close and attached to our partner and it’s usually called the body’s love hormone. This is why touching is so important to lovemaking and part of the reason why a long foreplay is highly important.

On top of this a long foreplay will make your woman disconnect from the stress of everyday life and allow her to fully focus on the love that you give her.

If you want specific tips and techniques that you can use, you can check out my posts the definite foreplay guide and foreplay techniques. However, slow and sensual should be your guiding words.

Make sure to not only focus on all her “sexual parts”. Giving love and appreciating every little part of her body is how you make love to a woman. Let her feel and know that all her body parts are sensual and sexy to you.

Love exploring your woman, whether it’s the first or 1000th time you have sex.

You can also incorporate emotional talk. Tell her how beautiful she is, and tell her about all her body parts that you love. In case you love her, tell her that you love her. Tell her exactly what it is about her that you love.

Another way to make the foreplay more emotional is to look your woman in her eyes. At times you look with love and desire deep into her eyes and at other times you look with power and sexual confidence deep into her eyes.

Be in and Enjoy the Moment

To make love to a woman you need to be in the moment. Without any distracting thoughts you give your woman your undivided attention.

On top of receiving so much more from the experience when you are fully present and really enjoy the sex, this will be contagious. Your woman will notice how much you enjoy her and the moment, she will be inspired and enjoy it even more herself.

Imagine any other type of activity, and someone who really has fun and enjoys the activity. You can also imagine the opposite. How could you be a good lover if you don’t enjoy what you do? An infectious joy is highly important when you make love to a woman.

Enjoy every little sensation while you make tender and sensual love to her. If thoughts about your favorite team or that annoying coworker come up, let them go and return your attention to your woman.

The more in the moment you manage to be, the better the lovemaking experience will be for both of you.

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